Counseling for Anxiety

Anxiety is a product of how you think. It is an automatic process that once kept us safe because we lived in hostile and dangerous environments. There was a time when a misstep, miscommunication, or rustle in the bushes had catastrophic consequences. The modern day doesn’t have the same kinds of threats, but the brain still operates using catastrophe as a measuring stick. The anxious mind unconsciously blows everything up to catastrophic levels, reacting psychologically and philologically to threats, no matter how small.

In anxiety, the same basic elements combine into many flavors. Things like social anxiety, overthinking, panic attacks, excessive worry, and fear based avoidance all come from the same mechanism. Whatever your flavor, counseling for anxiety will give you a new perspective. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for anxiety is an evidenced based treatment method that is highly effective. Through CBT, you will understand how anxiety works through the thought/feeling cycle. What you think drives what you feel, and what you feel influences what you think. In anxiety, this creates a vicious cycle that is hard to break.

Through therapy for anxiety, you will learn the psychological and physiological mechanics that underlie your thoughts and actions. This understanding sets the foundation for the development of coping skills for anxiety which will help reduce it, make it manageable, and in many cases, make it a non-factor in your life. You will explore mindfulness for anxiety, the way neurology works to retrain your thinking, and the way your thoughts influence EVERYTHING. You will create a mindset that promotes peace.

Counseling for anxiety starts with The Mountain Lion Story. You won’t want to miss that! 

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